Planning on checking out NYSCATE’s 2020 annual conference? Come on down where we’ll be partnering with our friends at SMART Technologies to show off all things edtech!
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OTIS for educators, PD on demand!

November 23, 10AM | Alyssa Simmonds, Teq Customer Success Advocate

Looking to brush up your edtech skills, feel inspired, or better integrate technology into your instruction? Then look no further than OTIS for educators, Teq’s online PD platform that offers 500+ courses on your classroom technologies. Join Alyssa Simmonds, Teq’s Customer Success Advocate (and OTIS for educators guru), as she guides you through the OTIS platform. Learn how to set up video playlists, view the administrator platform, join live sessions, and more.

OTIS for educators has an expansive library of courses on hybrid/blended/and remote learning strategies for educators, as well as certification courses on SMART, Google, Microsoft, STEM and more.


Working SMART in the Hybrid Classroom

November 23, 12:30-1:30 | Marybeth Jones, SMART Technologies

From interactive flat panels to the SMART Learning Suite Online, SMART has been the leading provider of creative edtech solutions designed to help teachers succeed whether teaching in-person or remote. Join SMART’s Marybeth Jones as she shows off the latest from SMART and shows you how to best use your SMART solutions throughout this ever-evolving school year.


3D Printing for Creative Minds with Ultimaker

November 23, 2:00PM-2:30PM | Matt and Anderson from Ultimaker

Tap into your students’ creativity with Ultimaker, the premier 3D printer. Join Anderson and Matt from Ultimaker as they show off everything from designing with Cura (Ultimaker’s CAD software) to setting up and creating successful prints with these amazing products.


Teq’s Favorite STEM and edtech Solutions for Hybrid Learning

November 24, 9AM | Joseph Cosmai, Teq Product Demo Specialist

On Nov 24th, join us at 9AM ET as we demo live from our virtual NYSCATE studio! Joe Cosmai, our Teq Squad edtech extraordinaire, will be demoing our favorite STEM and edtech solutions. Hop in the Zoom and learn how you can integrate these amazing products into your hybrid instruction.


The Power to Impact a Classroom.

Let's revolutionize the way your students learn by creating solutions with real-world applications. Let Teq help you discover innovative ways to engage students, enhance curriculum, and increase productivity.



Visit the Teq booth to learn how schools across NYS are using PD from OTIS for educators to build teacher capacity for remote learning. Also in the Teq booth, schedule a demo to learn about the latest in in our complete STEM product line or receive a presentation on our PBL services with iBlocks -- all available at a discount with the NYSITCC contract!

In the SMART booth, explore new software features designed to engage students either in-class or remotely, techniques to develop SEL skills, and integrations with Google, Teams, and Zoom.


See the latest in 3D printers in the Ultimaker booth! We’ll be showcasing the new S2 printers and you can learn about the complete “S” printer line, materials, and accessories.

STEM Products

Discover activity-rich STEM environments personalized to your needs with Teq's innovative product selection, and supportive professional development options. Allow your students to explore their own interests, learn to use new tools, and develop creative projects.

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